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Car transport services UK - Poland

Professional vehicle transportation & delivery company

Transport car anywhere in the UK also from UK to Poland. Our car delivery service is also available from Poland to the UK. We move to and from every city and town in Poland and in the whole UK (including Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland).

We have a wide range of tow trucks and tractors adapted to transport a large number of cars in one course. All cars transported from the UK to Poland are adequately protected which makes it always arrive intact.



Do you need a car transport??

We provide transport for:

a) cars puurchased on copart, silverlake(damaged cars),ebay, autotrader,gumtree

b)sports cars:porsche, audi & ferrari

c) classic cars transport: bentley, rolls royce, mercedes, bmw, project cars

d) vans transport, quads bikes, motorbikes, 4x4 cars

e)new cars delivery

Major cities in England, where we deliver cars anywhere in UK:

  • New Castle,
  • Darlington,
  • Blackpool,
  • Leeds,
  • Doncaster,
  • Manchester,
  • Liverpool,
  • Chester,
  • Nottingham,
  • Derby,
  • Wolverhampton,
  • Peterborough,
  • Norwich,
  • Birmingham,
  • Cambridge,
  • Ipswich,
  • Coventry,
  • Bristol,
  • Swidon,
  • Colchester,
  • Maidstone,
  • Dover,


Major cities in Poland, where we deliver cars from England:

  • Warsaw,
  • Wroclaw,
  • Cracow,
  • Gdansk,
  • Szczecin,
  • Gdynia,
  • Bydgoszcz,
  • Torun,
  • Bialystok,
  • Lodz,
  • Katowice,
  • Opole,
  • Poznan,
  • Lublin,


We get also to all the other cities in UK and in Poland, but in this case the delivery may be slightly longer. There is also the opportunity to pick up the car from the parking guarded (please feel free to contact us to clarify the place where we leave the car).


Sample prices of car haulage from England:

  • - London - Wroclaw: £ 370,
  • - London - Lublin: £ 410,
  • - Manchester - Poznan: £ 350,
  • - Swansea - Slupsk: £ 380,
  • - Birmingham - Elk: £ 390,


Time to deliver a car from the UK:

We supply our best to meet all our transportation safety standards, while stand out from the competition quality and short lead time. Therefore, all the cars and equipment transported from the UK come to you in time for 4 days.

Each transport has all the necessary documents, and our experienced and professional drivers take care of it in order to deliver your car quickly and in perfect condition. Most transport occurs on the spot after a week (or even before) - all in depends on the number of orders and the distance that the car must travel. We provide low cost car transport in England and from the UK to Poland.


Why us:

There are several reasons why you should use our services. First of all, our services are provided not only a duty, but also (and perhaps primarily) with passion that makes our team of professionals is fully professional and equipped to handle even the largest orders.

Because cars are our passion, our professionalism is visible at every stage of the project. All cars selected by the State for transportation are expected to leave for the corporate and guarded parking. We offer a shuttle car from England, tow truck from England to Polish, the cost of transporting the car.