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Heavy haulage services UK

Oversized cargo & load transport from the UK to Poland

Our company provide wide range of transport services including also heavy haulage between the UK and Poland, but also to and from Germany, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. We can offer you the collection of professional multi-axis lorries adapted to transporting large items even in one single course.


Depending on your needs we can offer you transport of:

  • large parts of industrial equipment,
  • extra-size agricultural machines and devices,
  • transport of other lorries, trucks, buses,
  • forwarding of large structures for construction purposes,
  • and many other large elements,


Why use our company?

We can transport any kind of freight due to the use of highest class transport equipment. This makes us capable of taking up even the most complex and challenging oversized load transport projects. All our equipment meets the strictest requirements and transport regulations.

Apart from the very transport issues noted above we can provide you with a fully professional and reliable logistic support for each heavy haulage project.

All our drivers, enginers, logistic specialists and other specialists possess all the relevant and requird qualifications as well as knowledge to offer you the most comprehensive service. Each haulage project is accomplished before or within the project details.